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About Us

In 2003, the Bentonville Library Foundation formed when the Bentonville community sought to raise $9 million to build a new library facility. With the foresight and generosity of individuals, corporations and foundations, the Foundation successfully raised $7 million, and the city of Bentonville invested a $2 million contribution enabling the Foundation to reach its $9 million goal. On October 30, 2006, the Bentonville Public Library opened its doors at 405 S. Main Street. The library is visited more than 250,000 times each year by patrons who check out books, access technology, hold community meetings and discover new passions.


The Foundation, whose gift to the community is immeasurable, is a 501c3 nonprofit and is governed by a volunteer community board of directors. The continued work of the Foundation to support the Library is possible only through the support and generosity of the community.


The Bentonville Library Foundation supports the ever-increasing need for library services through funding for books, equipment, technology, programs and operations of the library’s facilities. The Foundation is committed to continuing to support the Library's growth and development in future years and relies on the community of individuals, businesses and corporations for financial support. Your gift puts books into children’s hands, creates a place for the community to gather for instruction and gives citizens of every age and economic level access to the latest online learning. By making your gift to the Foundation, you are investing in our community's library and our future.

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