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Second Phase of Campaign to Expand The Library has Launched!

Award Recipients Announced

BLF Flynt Family (002).jpg

2022 Bentonville Library Foundation’s Outstanding Advocate Award presented to the Flynt Family

The Flynt Family, represented by sisters Cindy Flynt Walters and Betty Flynt, have been dedicated to the library for decades. In the 1970s their grandmother began to have trouble with her eyesight, and so with the help of the library, their mother began to read large print books – murder mysteries in particular. Since 2006 Cindy and Betty have provided significant financial support to build the library’s large print books collection. Their dedication and passion for providing reading material for those with visual challenges has had a tremendous impact that benefits our entire community. They are also the founding chairs of the library foundation’s Flynt Family Legacy Society – the giving society for those who would like to make a charitable gift to the library through their will.

2022 co-recipient of the Outstanding Advocate Award presented to Altrusa International of Bentonville/BellaVista!

Altrusa is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to communities better through leadership, partnership, and service. The Bentonville/Bella Vista chapter is a shining example of all three attributes.  They believe that everyone is able to make a positive difference to the world around them, and that we can achieve even more when we bring people together. They have a passion for service and literacy and have been a tremendous partner of the Bentonville Library Foundation for many years. This is the organization that warmly welcomes our guests to events and supports the bike & book festivals event each year. They are the epitome of service, and we are indebted to all the ladies who will receive this 2022 Outstanding Advocate Award.

BLF Altrusa w award (002).jpg

2021 Bentonville Library Foundation’s Outstanding Advocate Award announced!

The Outstanding Advocate Award is presented by the Bentonville Library Foundation to an individual who has demonstrated substantial and long-term support to the Foundation that significantly benefits the Library.


This year's award is presented to Patrick Carroll.

2021 recipient of the Library’s Distinguished

Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented by the Bentonville Public Library to an individual whose significant work and achievements furthers our Library's mission in our community.


The Distinguished Service Award is presented this year to Octavio Sanchez. 

2021 Recipient of the Friends of the Bentonville Library’s Best Friend Award

The Best Friend Award is presented by the Friends of the Library to a member whose volunteerism, had work, meeting attendance and contributions benefit the organization and Library. 

The Best Friend Award is presented this year to
Chuck Pribbernow.

2021 recipient of the Library Advisory Board’s Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award is presented by the Library Advisory Board to a young adult whose volunteer service demonstrates proactive participation in Library activities, leadership qualities, and proven responsibility as a role model to peers and children.


The Emerging Leader Award is shared this year by siblings, Arthi and Arjun Krishna.

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